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  Zen Ketsugo  &  Tae Kwon Do  
Sensei Susanne Sanders

“Black Belt – a white belt that never quit.” (Unknown)

“Given enough time, any man may master the physical.

With enough knowledge, any man may become wise.

It is the true warrior who can master both…

and surpass the result.” (Tien T’ai)

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Zen Ketsugo (Japanese Style) 
Tae Kwon Do
 (American Style)


Baby Ninja Karate - Ages 3-6 

Youth Karate - Ages 7-12

Teen Karate - Ages 13 and up

Adult Karate - Ages up to 99+

Family Karate - All Ages 

*Arts International Competition Team*

if you are interested in joining our team,

 contact Sensei Susanne Sanders

Arts International martial arts classes are one hour in length and are Faith based in structured for the whole family, ages 3 to 99 years.


    Arts International incorporates a safe and modern approach to teaching traditional martial arts. We stress non-violent conflict resolution, how to avoid dangerous situations, and practical self-defense techniques for getting away from a range of situations.

     A lot of parents think that our martial arts classes are for kids only, without realizing that at Arts International, we teach the same technical curriculum for both children and adults.

    Whether you are 8, 38 or 68 years old… our family martial arts classes are a terrific way for you and your children to learn together in a safe environment.  You will train, work hard, and learn on your own while your family practices, too.

Belt Ranking & Character 

All Students must memorize a Quote or Bible Verse for each

level of ranking along with the required skills per belt level.

White – Courage

Yellow /White – Dedication

Solid Yellow Belt – Mercy (4th Degree- Yon Kyu)

Green /Yellow – Faith

Solid Green Belt – Judgment (3rd Degree- San Kyu)

Blue /Green – Strength

Solid Blue Belt – Self-Control (2nd Degree- Ni Kyu)

Solid Red Belt – Compassion (Love) (1st Degree- Ik Kyu)

Solid Brown Belt – Wisdom (2nd Degree- Ik Kyu)

Brown/Black Stripe – Perseverance (1st Degree- Ik Kyu)

Full Black Belt – Truth (1st Degree- Sho Dan) 😊

Arts International trains in Katas, Weapons, Sparring,

Kicks, Strikes, Blocks, Self-defense, Flexibility, Character, and Confidence.

All Students will be required to purchase our Gi uniform, 

sparring gear, weapons and mouthpiece from our store. 

Main Weapons you will learn and need to purchase: Bo Staff and Kamas.


  Arts International is associated with  

Karate World Federation under Master Gene Lewis.

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😊Student Requirements😊

 All uniform Gi's and equipment (sparring gear and weapons)

must be purchased through our in-house store. 

No outside equipment or uniforms will be allowed.


*Required by yellow/White belt*

*Bo Staff 

*Sparring Gear -

must have gear to spar in class. Headgear without a face covering

 must have a mount piece, Boys you must have a cup to spar.


*Strong moral character

*Respectful to Sensei and other higher-ranking belts

*Always bow to Black Belts and higher-ranking belts

*Always entering and exiting the dojo

*No shoes allowed in the dojo training room

*Training is a priority

*Learn the Character attribute for each color belt.


😊AI Competition Team 😊


*Team practice 2nd Sunday of each month

3:30-6:00pm includes Bible Study

*Competition Gi 

*Bo Staff or Kamas

*Divisions of Competition


Katas (Open Hand Forms)

Weapon Forms

Musical Forms

*Strong moral character

*Respectful to Sensei and other higher-ranking belts

*Always bow to Black Belts and higher-ranking belts

*Training is a priority

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