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"Dance is speaking without words."

  Owner/Director   Prima Ballerina Susanne Sanders


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 Combo I-II-III

This program introduces a young child to the wonderful world of dance (ballet & tap), theater, music, and tumbling – which enriches the imagination. Arts International tries to open the child’s creative talents while challenging them to develop fundamentally. Combination classes teach muscle skill coordination, balance, rhythm, flexibility, and fine motor skill development. Fun begins with music, dance, and your child’s imagination.

Ages: 2.5yrs (potty trained) through 9yrs
Levels: Level I – II – II
Length: 1hr classes



Ballet is the base of all dance forms; at Arts International we use the Vaganova teaching method. In the early 1990’s, Russian ballet dancer Agrippa Vaganova developed the style that bears her name (Vaganova Technique). Madam Vaganova taught the method in St. Petersburg, Russia at the Kirov Theater School. This technique resulted in more lyrical upper body movements and increased strength, precision, and agility. In turn, we teach students to dance with their whole body, acquire harmonious movements and develop into a more graceful

and powerful performer.

Ages: 8yrs through Professional & Adult Program
Levels: Level I – Level V

Length:  1 hr. to 1.5 hr. classes


Stretching &                                Conditioning


This class focuses on the fundamental ways to get your body more flexible and stronger for a healthier you. Class will start with warm-up exercise to get the muscles moving and ready for strengthening. The last portion of the class focuses on stretching and lengthening the muscles for overall better health. No experience is needed to take this class.

Ages: Open Class 
Levels: ANY
Length: 1hr classes


          Variations                                & Adagio


Pointe is for the more serious student wanting to further their technique and knowledge of Ballet. Each pointe student is required to take two 1.5 hr. technique classes per week. This ensures enough class time to strengthen the dancer’s feet and placement. It is vitally important that the student is strong enough to go on pointe and not get injured

Variations classes instruct students classical and contemporary choreography to broaden the students’ repertoire. Adagio classes teach students how to properly partner in variations and pas de deux choreography.

Ages: 9yrs through Professional
Levels: Level II (pre-pointe) through Level V

Length:  30 min. to 1 hr. classes

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The only true American dance form was formed in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s through the influence of the blues era. Gus Giordano’s Jazz technique has developed into the leading jazz standard, and he is considered Father of Jazz in America.

The Giordano technique incorporates elements of classical ballet technique into the jazz dance style and format. Strict attention is focused on alignment, technique, and style.

Today, Jazz comes in a variety of styles from Broadway, Musical Theater, Funk, and Lyrical. We at Arts International proudly offer all styles of jazz but focus on true technical skills to educate the dancer, which will prepare them for career opportunities or dance just for fun.

Ages: 6yrs through Professional & Adults
Levels: L
evel I - V
Length:  30 min. to 1 hr. classes



Lyrical (Contemporary) is an extension of ballet and jazz technique with the freedom of expression. It fuses these styles to give way to deep emotional choreography and movement. It allows the artist to give a deep expression of the song, lyrics, and rhythms unique to that particular songs or arrangement.

Ages: 6yrs through Professional & Adults
Levels: Level I - Level V
1 hr. classes

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Hip-Hop is a form of dance that is 30 years old and has become a popular urban youth culture style of dance. Its roots began in 1974 in the streets of the Brons. This innovative style of dance is a fusion of all forms and styles of dance, where the freedom of expression is revealed. Students are encouraged to get out of their “comfort zone” and MOVE! You will learn how to glide, pop, lock, and break – the four components of hip-hop movement. It combines funk and street styles along with jazz technique and freestyle.

Ages: 6yrs through Professional & Adults
Levels: B
eginner – Advanced
Length: 1hr – 1.5 hrs. classes



Our program instructs students in both Classical and Rhythm Tap styles. Classical Tap going by the name flash or swing tap, classical tap was popularized through 20th century movies yet emphasizes more upper body movements coupled with making traditional tap sounds. Styles vary from Swing to Broadway. Rhythm Tap employs close footwork with syncopated rhythmic beats which create their own percussion on the floor

Ages: 8yrs through Professional & Adults
Levels: Beginner – Advanced
Length: 1hr classes

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Praise                                            &                                             Worship


Worship in the Arts is our gift from the Father to Glorify Him. Arts International offers classes to teach technique, pantomime, movement, and choreography to inspire the worshiper in their gifts. Dance is a tool to bring honor, joy, fight battles, to free our souls from bondage and our expression of freedom. Classes are offered for kids through Adults and no dance experience is needed to participate, just a heart of worship.

Ages: 6yrs through Adult
Levels: Kid’s Praise – Professional
Length: 1hr classes

Musical Theatre & Acting

Musical Theatre
& Acting

These classes foster creativity in a playful environment through singing, creating, listening, movement, performing and set design. Students will learn the components of staging, make-up, costuming, and lighting. Each student will be expected to keep a notebook for literature, sheet music, and other information that will be handed out. Evaluation will be needed for proper placement. Private lessons are offered in dance, voice, acting and piano.

Ages: 6yrs through Advance & Adult Program
Levels: Beginner – Advanced
Length: 1hr 

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Modeling & Manners

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 Modeling & Manners 

Modeling & Manners Classes can be taken on weekly basis or by private appointments during our year-round schedule.

We will offer extra classes during our summer months June and July in our Summer Camps curriculum.

All of our curriculum teaches table etiquette and how to properly set up a table, walking, stances, turns, proper introductions, interviews, wardrobing, make-up technique for stage and print-work, manners, self-confidence, skin care and vocal projection.

While our younger kids focus on table manners, managing dinnerware, how to respond to parents and adults in a respectful manner. They will also learn how to respond to situations in public places and apply those at home. *Private Lessons available by appointment.

Kid’s Modeling 6-9 yrs.

Pre-Teen Modeling 10-12yrs
Teen Modeling 13yrs & up
High Fashion / Print-work

Advanced Modeling by audition only

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